Houston most diverse city in U.S.


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Bishop of the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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2 Responses to Houston most diverse city in U.S.

  1. Yes it is and that is a gift. Now how do we get our congregations in the area to look like that mix. You well know Sunday morning is the most segregated time. If we are following Christ why is that so in Christian churches? When the world is more diverse outside than we are inside the walls we need some self examination. Is that not what Lent is for? Why is it so and what will ti take to change it?

  2. Kathy Suarez says:

    I think it is a safe guess that Christ intended the Church to be universal — for every race and nationality. One of the results of the Renaissance period and the Reformation was the rise of nationalism and national churches: we have the Anglican Church, the Swedish, Finnish, German, etc. churches, and maybe that was not a bad thing for that period. But now we are living in a different time. The world is becoming smaller. In my church in Miami, most of the people are Hispanic, but that is only because the neighborhood is Hispanic. My dream, my ideal, would be one Universal Church with a common language (Latin?) for the liturgy, and the readings, preaching, etc. would be in the vernacular. This way, when people travel from one country to another, worship would stay the same. Sounds like the Kingdom of God to me.

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