When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all together in one place. And suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Divided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them ability (Acts 2:1-4).

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Bishop of the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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  1. I know you are busy. Thought you might like to see this. It is important to keep blogging and including others. Your blog on Ascension has created a discussion in India with several people. So we have been sharing faith across face book pages–it opened door and has been engaging enlightening and fun. I will post it here so you can see your fruits. :) Its long but I thought you would like since it goes with Pentecost–10 others were lurking and following the conversations
    Rajiv Karran Haha, Krishna had 16600 consorts and this Krishna too. Btw, Rajiv also denotes the lotus which has a symbolic reference to Balaji, another avatar of Vishnu, just like Krishna is..
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    Krishna Gandra wowwww. . . GURUJI started his lessons . . awsome
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    Mary Page Krishna I am familiar with and his bucketfuls of love, but Balaji I will look up. Avatar must be like another face–and a face denotes either a line of thinking, situation or response possibley?
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    Krishna Gandra balaji is considered as the most powerful god Mary Page than krishna
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    Mary Page Oh so there is a trinity?
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    Rajiv Karran Lol, not lessons, just sharing. Lord Vishnu, who is part of the trinity along with Shiv and Brahm, is supposed to have 10 avatars of which one is remaining. The one remaining is Kalki who will descend when the world is going to end. Similar to Jesus’s second coming and Mehdi. Among the 10 avatars, Ram and Krishna are popular, and Buddha is also supposed to be one of the avatars but that is steeped in controversy.
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    Rajiv Karran and there are a million other gods and goddesses…all connected to the main trinity in one way or the other….interestingly, Shakti is supposed to be more powerful than the trinity, and Shakti is a woman. Ironical that in a country where the female is considered the highest power and a mother held with as much reverence as gods are, atrocities against women are still carried out. India and Indians are confusing. Most times we seem to have a disconnnect with who we really
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    Mary Page Brahm like father or more like atman the source of all life? In a sense our disciples 12 are like avatars in that we say jesus is in each of us. Each one had a different aspect of faith and yet all came from the same source. Ram and Krishna has stories of love–we have Song of Solomon and Psalms in ours I would say the people may be like avatars. They are aspects of god.
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    Rajiv Karran Krishna was famous for his intelligence and charm, while Ram was the more virtuous.
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    Rajiv Karran Balaji, btw, is one of the richest gods in India. Google “Tirupathi temple”
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    Mary Page We have female aspect of god as well–She is called Wisdom or Sophia–it is the same here It took a long time before women became equal partnersIn the past bad things happened to women–ours was more forced into prostitution or children taken away :(.In Jewish literature you have Shekinah–warrior for justice–fierce. We have lots of angels with names helping. It is good that you have Krishna to let all know intelligience and charm are gifts from god. I will look up more about the temple and Balaji.:)
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    Rajiv Karran Brahm is the creator, Vishnu is the sustainer and Shiv is the destroyer
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    Mary Page Oh I will look up why Ram was considered virtuous.
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    Rajiv Karran he was a devoted husband….just like me ;-) and a loyal and loving son and king
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    Mary Page For us Father is creator, Jesus is like your sustainer, but the only counter part to Shiv is found in the old testament where God is angry. Instead we have Holy Spirit which warms our hearts and helps us.
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    Rajiv Karran There are a lot of similarities between Father, son and the holy spirit with Brahm, Vishnu and Shiv. This has given rise to a theory that Jesus wandered the himalayas in his teens and early 20s of which nothing known about imibibing the teachings of hinduism and buddism which he carried back. Just a hypothesis by some scholars.

    College student who is friends of the family joined in and sent links
    Krishna Gandra cooking a snake and eating is a sin in india Mary Page . . . u ppl feel it as LOL . . . . hahahaha and u bought the books really . . . very intresting thing about u . . . i have to learn many things from u ppl . . .
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    Mary Page LOL! So snake is a sacred animal or are all animals sacred? I came from the woods of Missouri and we ate wildlife-Rule was if you kill it be ready to eat it or at least make some kind of use of it-My cobra on my desk is a gift from a buddhist Vietamese friend. It is medicine. It has liquid and roots in it along with the cobra in a beautiful vase. I have not ate him because he is tame.I used it to teach math. Boys would do just about anything to hold the cobra. They would practice their math facts. I would put it on my desk and its eyes kept them focused. Snakes can mesmerize you —
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    Krishna Gandra wow, is it ??? if possible could u please post an image of it, the rule of missouri is really awsome and coming to the animal gods
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    Krishna Gandra please read that post Mary Page
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    Krishna Gandra , almost all the animals have their own significance , indians are officially allowed to ear only hen , goat, sheep and fish

    The Significance of Animals in Hinduism and Hindu Ceremonies
    The significance of animals in Hinduism and Hindu ceremonies
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    Summary of Hinduism from an Indian who grew up Hindu but went to a private Catholic christian school (only teach new testament)

    Rajiv Karran Hope you enjoy the books, Mary. Something about Hinduism, or Sanatan Dharm, I would like to share with you guys. Basically, like I have told you many times before, the essence of this Dharm is based on the policy,”Live and let live”. So many things that the ancient seers told holds more validity today. They told us to preserve trees, and now we are going big time with eco preservation and stuff. Why they said this has to to do with what our ancestors were and how they lived. There are many trees that are sacred just like animals are. If we go by the theory that the founders of Hinduism were Aryans, they were nomads who settled down and became a farming race. They were basically pastoral after they settled down. They needed cows for milk and ox to til the land. This is why eating of cow meat was prohibited. And to make people listen, they had to say it was holy. Similarly, it was also important that many types of trees were not destroyed because the benefits of not cutting them down far outweighed the ones got by destroying them. Since they were an agrarian race, snakes gained importance because snakes were needed to kill the rodents in the fields. These are all things that were simple commonsense thingies to which religious connotations were added to make people listen. Sanatan Dharm was not revealed to a single person nor is it found only in one single book. It is a collection and accumulation of thoughts and ideas of very enlightened people over hundreds of years. The vedas and upanishads are the core, on which many epics were written reflecting the principles laid out in them. Nothing is holy or unholy in Dharm. Later we added our own stuff to it and made the holy unholy discrimination. When Manu wrote the Manusmriti, things that can be eaten or not eaten were codified on the basis of caste. Brahmins could not consume meat or fish (though Kashmiri and Bengali brahmins consume, to name a couple), Kshatriyas could consume meat as long it was game, Vaishyas and Shudras could consume, but not any caste were allowed to consume beef or cow meat. We have complicated ourselves by paying attention to the superficialities and rituals instead of understanding the basis essence, which is, “Dude, this is what you need to do if you want the planet you are living in now to be available to your descendants too” . Simple. We just added the “holy” and “unholy” things. I am born into a Hindu family, and I eat anything that moves. If the Aryans have a problem with that, Ef Em ;-)
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    Here are links given to me to share

    Here is a fiction book they are all reading and buying. It has elements of Hinduism but popular author there. I bought them so if you would rather borrow when I am through you can use.

    The Secret of the Nagas & the Immortals of Meluha (Set of 2 Books) (Paperback)
    BRAND NEW…The Secret Of The Nagas & The Immortals Of Meluha (set of 2 books) (Paperback)

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