Pope to convene synod

The Pope is convening an extraordinary synod in October to consider the challenges of the family in light of evangelism. They will take up same-sex marriage among other topics. The Pope is from a country where gay marriage is legal. While policy is not likely to change, this could impact attitude.


About michaelrinehart

Bishop of the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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One Response to Pope to convene synod

  1. JJFlanagan says:

    I am not Catholic, so the Pope’s views on gay marriage will not effect my values and convictions against this reprehensible idea. If one calls himself or herself a Christian and actually believes that God intended that two men could enter into a “marriage” or two women, then they have simply gone the way of pagans and fornicators and falsely used religion as a justification. To declare that God accepts sinful relationships is nothing less than blasphemy.

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