Catholic theology and Gaza

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Bishop of the Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
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One Response to Catholic theology and Gaza

  1. John J Flanagan says:

    I compare the liberal supporters of Hamas terrorism as similar to those ignorant American academics and leftists who supported the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War, a war I am closely familiar with as a field counterintelligence grunt working with infantry units in 1967-68. I remember the way the VC assassinated unarmed civilian clerks in local villages, killed several Catholic nuns, and the techniques used to “liberate” villages. According to the villagers I spoke to on many occasions, the first thing was a public execution of the existing Village Chief as an imperialist puppet, even though many of them were loved by the people in the hamlets and had lifelong friends in their small impoverished villages. As part of the liberation procedure, the nuclear family was dismantled. I was told that children, fathers, mothers, were all split into separate groups for purposes of indoctrination training, work teams building tunnels, making booby traps, setting mines, and providing transportation of rice and provisions into the mountains and to the Ho Chi Minh trail. The Vietnamese educated class in Saigon, the university professors, Buddhists, all joined with the communists, wrongly thinking it was a “nationalist” cause. After I left Vietnam, and when America pulled out, as we all know the communists won. What do you think happened to the free thinking Vietnamese academics who supported the communists? Factually, either they towed the communist line, went to “reeducation” camps in the jungle, where they died from hard labor, or the lucky ones joined the boat people and now live in LA or France. In the case of Hamas, and jihadists who behead Christians for following Jesus….the same tactics are used to garner sympathy….but as in Vietnam….progressives and liberals in America have an inability to see reality.

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