Today is the second anniversary of Hurricane Ike, which devastated Galveston. This was the largest evacuation in TX history.

Ike was the 3rd most destructive hurricane in U.S. History. Starting as a tropical disturbance off the coast of Africa at the end of August. On 9/1 Ike became a tropical storm west of the Cape Verde Islands. By 9/4 it was a category 4 hurricane. Ike landed at Galveston on 9/13 as a category 2, with low winds but huge storm surge. Ike caused 195 deaths! 112 in the U.S. $24B in U.S. Damages. Ike resulted in the closing of St. Paul’s Galveston, where Pr. Berry served 30 years.
Today, Igor is a Category 4 that could become a Cat 5 for Bermuda. Julia appears to be headed for Mexico.