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November 2010

Christ the King

Today I was at Christ the King, Houston for Christ the King Sunday and the 65th anniversary of Christ the King Lutheran Church. Guess the theme. See video at

Later we celebrated Mindy Roll’s ordination at Faith Lutheran Church in Bellaire. Photos soon.

Then the day ended with Bach Vespers at CTK. All in all a delightful day.

Little church. Big heart.

Lutheran Church of the Galilean donated and delivered 24 roasted turkeys to the Center for Jesus the Lord in New Orleans for their Thanksgiving dinner todayfor the homeless at the Ozanam Inn in downtown New Orleans. Between the Galilean, Christ the King, and Atonement (LCMS) they provided 51 roasted turkeys for this outreach. Both CTK and Atonement had members going down this afternoon to help serve.

Good news from the Brenham Banner Press: Burton area churches joining to help the needy

Front page of this weekend’s Brenham Banner Press:
Bridging the gap: Burton area churches joining to help needy people

Twelve Burton area churches had the same vision of impacting the community, but each church couldn’t do it alone. So they came together to form Bridge Ministry, a non-profit organization, to support the area youth, seniors and community.

“We needed each other,” Greenvine Emmanuel Lutheran Church Pastor Rich Nelson said. “There are Baptist churches, Lutheran churches and the Church of Christ. Everyone is working together, no matter the denomination.

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"It’s about them and it’s about God and it’s about, your job is just to make it safe for people, to experiment, to love, to forgive, to pray, to give. I think that’s something you have to go through a lot of battering to achieve. You know, no pain, no gain, I think is a Jewish sentiment just as it is a Christian one. And I think you go through those years of challenge and trial and then you realize that, you know, the highest form of leadership is empowering others to lead."

—Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks of the United Hebrew Congregations of the UK Commonwealth

Weeping may tarry for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5b

The Rev. Dr. Robert Moore presents to the Metro Houston Ministerium

Robert presented on a New Testament survey tool:, and the accompanying book by Mark Alan Powell. It is written as a college course, but many congregations have well-educated, biblically-astute leaders who would enjoy going deeper.

He also recommended several books, including “God With Us: A Pastoral Theology of Matthew’s Gospel” by Mark Alan Powell, since we’re moving into a Matthean year.

The Metro Ministerium is a quarterly gathering of ELCA pastors from the four Houston Ministeriums.

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