Bishop Michael Rinehart


January 2011

Sermon: Interfaith Immigration Prayer Service

For a web version with live links, see 1/27 post below.

2/6/2011 is Epiphany 5A

Poem by Alan Paton, anti-apartheid activist

Tracey Breashears Schultz submitted this, saying, “it reminds me of what we mean to say when we preach The Beatitudes.”
O Lord, open my eyes
that I may see the needs of others,

open my ears
that I may hear their cries,

open my heart so t
hat they need not be without succor.

let me not be afraid to defend the weak
because of the anger of the strong,

nor afraid to defend the poor
because of the anger of the rich.

Show me where love and hope and faith are needed,
and use me to bring them to these places.

Open my eyes and ears
that I may, this coming day,
be able to do some work of peace for you.

KIAH-TV 39 coverage of Interfaith Immigration Prayer Service,0,4458186.story

Chronicle coverage of Interfaith Immigration Prayer Service

Local religious leaders hopeful for reform, despite political climate
Houston Chronicle
Michael Rinehart, who as bishop of the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod oversees the region’s Evangelical Lutheran churches. But he and other leaders who

Houston Chronicle

Interfaith Immigration Prayer Service

The Interfaith Prayer Service for Immigration Reform went well today, along with the Press Conference afterwards. Five TV stations were present (Channel 11,13,39,47,45) including Univision. The Houston Chronicle and La Voz were also present.

Attached is a pdf of my sermon for those who requested it. I’ve also posted it just below this post. Attached also is TMO’s post-event press release.

01-27-2011 post press release.pdf

01-27-2011 FINAL Interfaith Prayer Service for Immigration Reform.pdf

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