We Gulf Coast Lutherans stand with our Coptic Orthodox brothers and susters in Christ and express our sadness at the bombing of the Egyptian Coptic church in Alexandria on New Year’s Day. Please remember our all concerned in your prayers this Sunday. In an age where extremist religious persecution is on the rise, we must speak out against all hatred and violence, stand with those who suffer, and pray for peace. Below is some verbiage for a prayer petition you may use, borrow, or adapt.

If you are close to an Egyptian Coptic Congregations, I encourage you to reach out to your colleagues, offering love and support. Below is a letter sent by mail today (Orthodox Christmas) to Bishop Youssef and clergy, from which you can glean names, addresses and other information if you are in Houston or New Orleans.

Creator of all peoples, your Son Jesus, the Prince of Peace, spoke out agains hatred and violence and lifted up peacemakers in his Sermon on the Mount, as blessed in the Kingdom. We pray for our Coptic Orthodox brothers and sisters in Christ in the wake of the bombing of the church in Alexandria on New Year’s Day. Be with the families of the 22 who were killed and the 79 injured. Bring us to that day when nations and religions are at peace…