One year ago today a 7.0 earthquake in Haiti killed 250,000 people, injured many more than that and left one million homeless.

I’m mindful of the hard work of our military, clearly one of the most prominent healing presences in the region at the time. This is reveals the true soul of those who choose to serve in this way. The more of this kind of work we do, the better off the world will be.

Floating one mile off shore the US Navy ship Comfort, larger than the largest battleship, provided comfort for hundreds of wounded Haitians. It was Haiti’s floating hospital, with helicopters and surgeons working around the clock.

Over $10 million came from the ELCA. Lutheran World Relief provided mosquito nets, health kits, tents, tarps, established water points and sanitation services. Lutheran World Relief sent health kits, nursing kits and other supplies. ELCA reps provided many services. I’m particularly mindful of Rafael Malpica, who went into Haiti to brig back the body of Bishop April Larson’s son. The Lutheran Church in Haiti did incredible work against all odds, providing relief for many.

The work continues. Our focus is not just recovery, but breaking the cycle of long-term poverty. The work includes things like stablishing basic human resources, helping start small businesses, raising chickens, dairy farming and more.

Donate at http://www.ELCA.org/disaster.

Update: http://www.elca.org/~/media/Files/Disaster%20Response/Haiti_OneYearUpdate.pdf