Dear Gulf Coast Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

By now many of you have received the news that Evan Moilan has accepted a position with Lutheran World Relief. This is a very exciting opportunity for a uniquely gifted leader of this church. He will have the pleasure of working with John Nunes, the President and CEO of Lutheran World Relief. Evan will be Philanthropic Advisor, raising support and awareness with major donors across the nation for LWR missions. 

During his time with Lutherhill usership had more than doubled. Evan joined us in May of 2004, almost seven years ago. In 2004 total usership for the year was 3,089. In 2010 usership was 7,457 people. In 2004 the budget was $570,000. In 2011 it will be $970,000. Summer camp 2004 served 1300 campers over nine weeks, 750 residential and 550 in day camps. In 2010 there were over 2500 campers, 1100 in summer camp and 1400 in day camp. “It’s been fun to be a part of it,” Evan told me. “The adult retreat lodge is still coming.” We’re about 2-3 years out from this important venture.

This new position will not require Evan to move. He will still be with us, and will continue as vice-president of the synod.

I am in conversation with Lutherhill Board Chair Cindy Piland. They have a top-notch board that is already hard at work planning for succession. An acting director will be appointed in a few days. An interim director will be appointed in a few weeks.

Although this is a loss for us with regards to our outstanding camp, Lutherhill, it is a win for us with regards to our work in justice through Lutheran World Relief. I ask you to celebrate with Evan. This is a new, exciting opportunity that will offer him new horizons, and opportunities to serve. Evan says, “This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best and make a difference around the world in the area of justice ministry and advocacy.”

This is also an opportunity to bring a gifted leader to Lutherhill’s ministry, to take them to the next level. Evan says this camp has grown to a place that will require a CEO-style, administrative leader. We can be proud of the leadership this synod has offered the wider church. Carlos Peña, member of First Lutheran Church in Galveston is the Vice President of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Peggy Hahn is a key leader for the ELCA Youth Gathering. Evan Moilan will now be an executive with Lutheran World Relief. Let’s continue to focus on attracting and forming top-level leaders for the ministry of the gospel.

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