Recently Pastor Kevin Haug of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Cat Spring, Texas decided to chat more in depth about some items in my “Going from the gut” post.

We’ll chat (debate?) in this post. Feel free to join in.


Pastor Kevin Haug writes:

Mike, I really appreciated your thought provoking blog “Going with the gut.” I also appreciate your willingness to engage me in a “virtual debate” over some of the items within that blog. It is my hope that we can provide a healthy example of argumentation/clarification in the blogosphere where too often hatred, name calling, and hiding behind anynomity rules.

As I have told you in conversation, I’m not interested in attacking or dragging you or anyone through the mud. I don’t think that’s quite in line with the Head of the Church’s thinking or teaching. 🙂 I personally strive to follow the wisdom of one of my church members who lives by the motto, “Seek first to understand and then to be understood.”

With that being said, let’s move onto some of the things said in your post.

As I read your blog, I agreed in principle with you on most things, paricularly since I have no love for the Westborough Baptist Cult…I mean Church (WBC). But as I reflected on the blog entry and some of the comments made on Facebook, there were some bothersome things which started taking root.

The first thing I’d like a bit of clarification on is this statement:

When faced with a moral dilemma, I have decided more and more over the years to side with the underdog, the outnumbered, the overpowered and oppressed.

Let’s take this statement and apply it to the WBC. As far as I can tell, most folks absolutely abhor the WBC, their beliefs, and thier tactics. Most folks would agree that this group is a fringe group; outsiders; a minority. Even my most conservative members theologically find this group abhorrent.

So, if indeed, this group is on the fringe and generally has the majority of Christians and non-Christians against what they do and their beliefs, doesn’t that automatically place them amongst the outnumbered? Doesn’t that put them in the position of the underdog? In a weird sort of way, I think it does. So, does one side with them because they are outnumbered and an underdog in their beliefs and practices? I would hope not.

Seems to me there is another, better criteria for deciding whom to throw support behind.