Kinsmen Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas is now videoing their worship services and posting them on the website. Click here fr an example:

This extends their reach. For example read this email from Germany:

“I was hoping I could email someone at Kinsmen and thank them for the wonderful worship services you have on line. I am living in Germany and attend GoodShepherdLutheranChurch on post. They let us use the chapel on Panzer Barracks located near StuttgartGermany. I put the word out to our folks there about the inspiring services that Kinsmen has to offer on line. Keep up the good work of spreading God’s words to all nations. I also let the German Lutheran Church Bishop know about your services so that they can put the word out to the many Germans in Baden-Wurtenberg whom I understand also tune in to Kinsmen on the web. They provide us Pastors on Sundays when a Lutheran Chaplain is not available and that is 95% of the time. So God bless your efforts. The Ash Wednesday service was watched by my family several times as it was very inspirational! Again God Bless you at KinsmenLutheranChurch.”

-Jerry Kress Sr. Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany

In the past six days their webpage has had 51 hits from Germany. They’re also having visitors from the Ukraine, Russia, Canada, India and Italy.

Just as the printing press changed the way the gospel was spread, so the implications of the internet for the spread of the gospel is only just dawning.

This is very inexpensive to do. A few inspired volunteers can pull it off. For more videos check out their website: