Americans scrambled to buy more fuel-efficient cars in June, giving Detroit automakers double-digit gains, while Japanese automakers Toyota and Honda had their worst June since 1997.

I read today China has a 200 MPH+ train. It’s 200 miles from Houston to San Antonio. That would change a 3 1/2 hour car ride to a 1 hour train ride, for less than the cost of the gas you’d buy to drive it. The train would whiz past the cars… We’re cutting $4B from education, then building a $5B Grand Parkway. More jobs? Yes. But more cars too. Sigh. It’s fun to dream the impossible dream of a faster, cleaner, more technologically savvy Texas. We could have the fastest train in the U.S, a triangle train from Houston to Dallas to Austin/San Antonio. Rather than be the last to accept new technologies, it would be fun to lead the country. I’m afraid the special interests have the politics all locked up.