Memorials are proposals that synods make to the churchwide organization. Every year synods male requests of and proposals to the whole church.

This time there are about eighteen. There is overlap. For example, 37 (of 65) synods put forth a memorial having to do with bullying. Sometimes they’re it identical. The memorials committee (of which our synod VP Evan Moilan is a part) amalgamates them and makes sure they aren’t in conflict with our governing documents.

For a list of memorials at this CWA (Churchwide Assembly) go to

The memorials committee is recommending 13 of the memorials be approved en bloc, that is, in one vote. That means they recommend five of them be considered separately. This is because there is a high probability members of the assembly would ask to break then out anyway. They are: • bullying
• expanding multicultural ministry
• international year for people of African decent
• investment for positive change in Palestine
• Lutheran campus ministry

If you have thoughts on these, post them on the synod FB page or my blog. It will inform my thoughts, our conversation and the vote. Please read the entire memorial thoroughly prior to commenting.