Upon returning from Guaymanga, we freshened up for Lucia’s wedding. Lucia is receptionist, but she handles the database, the web page, translation and a host of other things. She is always cheerful and friendly, teaching us hospitality and putting a kind face on our office.

The trip to the church took less time than planned. We arrived at 6:05 for a 6:30 wedding. Another service was going on so I asked when the wedding would begin and was told 7:00. So we walked a few blocks to a mall-like area and got a cafecito (small coffee).

The wedding was beautiful. Salvadorans are a beautiful people, short, with dark skin and big, welcoming smiles. Vondra and Peggy wore flowing dresses. We towering white folks couldn’t help but stick out in the crowd.

The music was excellent. The priest held forth on numerous marriage-related topics, including the words from Genesis, “it is not good for the man to be alone.”

Lucia looked stunning. I sat with Pastor Manuel Morales and his wife. We Lutherans dutifully refrained from taking communion. Later the priest came over and greeted us. He was not the parish priest, but a professor Lucia had here in El Salvador. “If I had known you were here, I would have invited you to celebrate with me,” the priest/professor said to me. They were kind words, but such a move would likely had gotten him in trouble, and Lutherans have a thing about concelebration. We shook hands. I think he really meant it.

The reception at The Sheraton El Presidente was fabulous. What a hopping band, playing meringue and salsa and rhythms I couldn’t identify. They were excellent musicians and really, really loud. People danced and danced.

We’re so happy for Lucia and Jorge. We wish them many years together as husband and wife.