Just some final thoughts. First of all, wow, that statue of Luther in front of the pulpit is huge. It was a gift from the Lutheran Church in Germany, I believe.

Second, these folks know how to have a party. The music was loud and festive. Ecumenical guests and even five members of Muslim community showed up. Several brought greetings. The service lasted three hours. My sermon was only 15 minutes. I tried to record it, but only the first half recorded for some reason, so no podcast this time. It was humbling to be here in this place, kind of like when I preached at St. Peter’s in Monrovia, where the massacre had taken place. One dare not preach a trite gospel. These people have seen too much suffering. One must, however, preach a word of hope.

We learn so much when we venture into other cultures. Visiting the church in other places, helps us see our own faith more clearly. When is your next cultural immersion?