I preached at Iglesia Luterana El Buen Pastor (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) in Houston today, where Genaro Dueñez serves. This church dates back to 1917 I believe. Back then all Germans. Today all Latinos. The first photo is from the early years. The second I took today. The third is of Pastor Pete Lopez’ older brother. Houston folks will recognize the strong family resemblance. Pete’s mother and brother are members here.

Today I talked about family resemblance. We were created in God’s image. We bear a family resemblance. Sin mars that image, but Christ restores it. In baptism, we are marked with the cross of Christ, forever.

In today’s gospel reading, Jesus said to give the coin to Caesar since it was marked with his image. But we are created in God’s image and are marked with the cross of Christ. Therefore we should render unto God what is God’s.