Today was a touching day. Our air conditioning went out. I called the AC guy.

We’ve used Jack Gordon and Sons for over ten years. Here’s why.

In 2001 Felix Lamar lay dying. It was a dark and stormy night in June I think. It was pouring. It was late. It was me, Felix, his wife Margaret and a hospice nurse in their tiny home in the woods. These were the pre-GPS years, and their tiny house was so deep in the woods even EMS had trouble finding it.

Inside the house Felix was no longer communicating. The end was near. He was gasping. But we were all distracted, because water was pouring through the ceiling into the house. We had positioned pans under the drips, and had to keep and eye on them, emptying them regularly. I have no craftsmanship abilities whatsoever, but since I was the only conscious man in the house, I was appointed to look and see what could be done. Pastors have weird, eclectic jobs. I got a ladder and pushed up through a hatch in the ceiling. In the glow of the flashlight I could see that the roof was not leaking. The AC was. With a sigh, I came down the ladder and started calling.

It was a Sunday night. Everybody was closed. I got a few answering services, but no one would come out. After a long time and a lot of calls, as I was about to give up, we got a call back from Kirk Gordon, one of the sons in Jack Gordon and Sons. He said he’d come out. We were so relieved, and emotionally spent, we laughed, and cried. Kirk showed up not long thereafter.

He quickly identified the culprit. The AC drain was plugged, and the drip tray was overflowing. It didn’t take him long to fix things up and give the AC a once over. As he was working, he could see out of the corner of his eye the drama that was playing out that night in this house. Perhaps AC guys have eclectic jobs too. On his way out, I slipped him my card and told him to send the bill directly to the church. He shook his head and said, “Nah. There won’t be any bill.” And with that, he disappeared into the darkness and rain toward his truck.

Felix died that night, June 5, 2001. His wife Margaret and I shared coffee many mornings as she tried to decide if life was still worth living. She was born in 1917. They had been married over 60 years. Members of Grace Lutheran Church in Houston, then Grace Lutheran Church in Conroe. She lived long enough to see me become bishop. She received the news with joy and sadness. And then she died, having reached 90 and something.

I’ve used Jack Gordon and Sons since then. You can’t put a price on integrity. I’ve told many people this story over the years. I’ve recommended them every time. If you live up by Lake Conroe, give them a call.

So imagine my delight when Kirk Gordon pulled up into my driveway this afternoon, ten years later. We talked about that night. He remembers it, what was wrong with the AC, what was going on. The memories brought tears to my eyes, taking me back ten years — memories of Felix and Margaret long gone flashed back.

And then I cried again when he told me I needed a new evaporator coil.

Margaret Lamar
Youth from Grace Conroe visit Margaret Lamar in her home.