I have the audacity to believe that every child in the world should receive adequate health care. I believe this is quite possible. Instead of waiting for that to happen by osmosis, Lutheran missionaries are out there working to make it happen.

But what about here in the U.S? It’s always seemed to me that providing health care for all in the U.S. would be the right thing to do. It now appears it might also be the smartest and most economical thing. Studies show health care costs in the U.S. are out of control.

Example: I had a diagnostic procedure recently. At one clinic it cost $800. The second time I went to different clinic, because of a scheduling conflict. Same procedure. Same machine. Same technician. They wanted $7,000. “No thanks.” What’s going on here? Why would a clinic charge $7K for an $800 diagnostic? Because they can. The system allows it.

Our system is broken. Nothing makes it clearer than this startling data that shows we spend waaaaay more on health care than any other country: