Hope everyone is doing good with their own recovery!

I get an adjuster at home today!

The roofer is fixing our roof at Church. He is the same one that put the roof on after Katrina. It is a steep roof and I wouldn’t want to be up there. $8800.

Servicemaster has all the walls out and 30 fans running inside to help dry the walls. They had the building closed up and have their giant dehumidifier running full blast inside. He says we are almost dry.

Mr Herman from H and M pest control came out to inspect and treat the little termite damage we found behind the rock in the front window of the front classroom. I appears they were already gone.

Florida Furniture Refinishing came by and is going to quote us on fixing our pews or replacing our pews. He will get us an estimate Sat. The pew legs are splitting from sitting in the water. He said it might be cost effective for us to ship the pews to his factory in Alabama to be redone and refinished. The pew factory would send a truck to come get them. He’ll give us prices either way for our adjuster and our decision.

The shed was opened up and has a swarm of ants eating the wood. I sprayed a gallon of ant and termite spray all over the building. Going today to clean it our. It needs a new garage door. That old door has been ricketty.

Servicemaster says we can use the building for Church sunday. I’ll go early and crank up the air. It has been shut down to protect it from the recovery dust and dirt. We’ll put chairs in the sanctuary since the pews might be dangerous.

We got our first repair quote from a contractor. $54,800 just for insulation, rock, paint, doors trim and kitchen cabinets.

Our new refrigerator is dead.