This is the beautiful family of four that I baptized today. Joe, Monica, Alyssa and Elyse. Alyssa Is a senior in high school and hoping to attend TLU next year.

This congregation two years ago had dwindled down to about 12 people in worship. Then, one and a half years ago debated whether or not to close, then voted 11 – 9 to stay open and redeveloped. Kudos to the core group of this congregation that had to encourage to imagine something new.

Pastor Rey LeBlanc serves part-time as their pastor, and associate in ministry I will swatters is serving as parish assistant for community outreach. In the last year things have taken off. They now how’s the local food pantry center staff, have an outreach for juvenile probation with Harris County, are helping people find jobs, working with the Hispanic family initiative, and more. They have posted several immigration forums with free legal advice to help people know their rights and responsibilities. The congregation has grown from 12 in worship to an average of 85 in January. Kudos Santiago/St. James!