Moses is said to have been 80 when God told him to go to Pharaoh. You never know what God might call you to do or when.

Pete Wardenburg is 73. He’s started businesses and run companies, but had no experience starting a non-profit.

Until now.

Feeling a calling to serve social needs children in India, Pete, a member of Living Word Lutheran Church in Katy, Texas, set out on a new journey. He is now president and CEO of the newly formed non-profit, Loving His Lambs Ministries. LHL cares for handicapped and medically fragile children in India, where such children are sometimes considered a burden. Children arrive to them undernourished and in dire medical needs. Some don’t make it.

Their first home is called Hope Home, in Secuderabad, India. They receive children from infancy to four years old. Pete’s hope is to build a network of homes in Southern India.

Director of Ministry Erin Hunlock has sensed a call to serve abandoned children in India for years. Erin and LHL are funded by individuals. They are looking for partners to pray and help provide diapers, food, caregiver salaries and more.

If you’re interested in learning more or taking part, contact Pete at Visit their website at or