Celebration in Cypress was a new start a few years ago, thanks to the teamwork of Pastor-developer Chris Markert, Kinsmen Lutheran, Gulf Coast Synod and Churchwide. Celebration is a casual, urban, RIC church in a suburban context. They are in the call process as Pastor Chris transitions to a new start in Galveston. 

They are also about to move to a new (their third) location after Easter. Here’s my post from their third anniversary, when they had just moved into this space: https://bishopmike.com/2010/09/26/celebration-lc-in-cypress-texas-breaks-in-their-new-space/ 

As people people begin to gather this morning, the band finishes warming up — a light, acoustic sound. Freshly-baked kolaches are set out with juice and strong, black coffee. 


There’s a fun table set up for kids.