Let me introduce you to some friends, the Buskirks.  http://www.evermoreministries.com. 

Ed Buskirk Jr, Chris Hamblin, and Clint Brown are members of St. Johns Episcopal Church in LaPorte, Texas, where Clint leads the traditional service weekly at 10:30. Ed & Kimberly Buskirk, Andie & Tom Troutman, Dawn Lambert, and Alan Weiderhold lead Evermore “Worship” liturgy weekly at the contemporary 8:30 service of Peace Lutheran Church in Pasadena Texas.  

Their newest project, Worship, is available now for preorder. You can also listen to a little bit of each track of the album available for preorder at the Amazon MP3 store: CLICK HERE


Ed and Kimberly Buskirk began as songwriting partners, determined to follow wherever God led. There first collaborations were with Ed’s father on the album Endure. Determined to share God’s message of hope and love, Evermore was formed to be a way to creatively touch lives with the Word of God.

Since joining together, privately funded their 2010 project Unconditional, spending thousands of miles on the road playing anywhere God led them. Evermore has had the privilege to play to audiences all over Texas. They have played for congregations, retreats, city-wide concerts, city worship services, & multiple charity events. They have been known to travel at their own expense along with: Clint Brown, Chris Hamblin, Dawn Lambert, and Andie & Tom Troutman, and Alan Wiederhold.

Unconditional has been recently released digitally on i-Tunes, Amazon Music, & Google Play. The album has now been streamed thousands of times in twenty-one different countries.

Their newest project, Worship, was built as a concept album. Conceived as a way to introduce what Christian worship is like to someone who may not have ever embraced the faith. The CD is filled not only with fourteen new songs that create a structured service and special music, but also interspersed with reverent prayers, blessings, creeds, and messages; to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to a hurting world. 

Reading my “Insiders and Outsiders” article a couple years ago led them to this project, simply titled “Worship.”  It’s a traditional liturgical setting, for someone who may have never stepped into a church.