This morning I’m in Ellington, Texas to celebrate the 15 year partnership of four congregations. Some are over 150 years old. The four congregations that comprise Shared Lutheran Ministry are:

  • St. John Ellinger
  • St. John Warrenton
  • St. John Rutersville
  • St. Paul Fayetteville

This event is being held at the Ellinger Chamber of Commerce Community Center, a block from St. John.

Marcia Kifer is the pastor at SLMFC. Pr. Lawrence Bade has been helping out.  

This morning she was presented with a stole that mixes the colors of the four shared ministries.     

The band from St. Paul in LaGrange led singing.


A few years ago the four congregations met here for St. John in Ellinger’s 150th anniversary.

Ellinger did a major renovation a few years ago.