Elizabeth Lutheran was founded in 1886. This is their first building, from 1891 perhaps.

More history in a moment. Today Elizabeth is served by Richard Brunk, who has been an ordained ELCA pastor for 40 years, while also serving as a military chaplain for 22 years.


Working with the Brazos Valley Food Bank, Elizabeth provides food for an average of 250 needy families every month. At an average of 97 pounds of food per family, that’s around 25,000 pounds of food a month. They do this with a battery of about 30 volunteers.

 Prior to Richard Brunk, Kristen Galle did an interim. Prior to Kristen, Elizabeth was served by Charlie Underwood. Prior to Charlie, Blair Lundborg did the interim. Prior to Blair, Skip Stutts serve this congregation. Prior to Skip, Warren Rinehart did an interim. Prior to Warren, David Collins was the pastor.