I’m back at my alma mater for the Institute of Liturgical Studies. The campus has changed and grown quite a bit, but it still feels like home. Walking around makes my heart ache, for reasons I’m still parsing. This was a place of spiritual formation for me. 

The student body consists of 34% minorities. It is incredible walkin around campus and seeing the diversity. I’m proud that the largest Lutheran University in the U.S. is so intentionally diverse. 

I enjoyed coffee this morning with John Nunes, who is soon leaving to become President of Concordia Bronxville. John will be our keynote speaker at assembly this year. 

I also had he privilege of meeting Heath Carter, an Assistant Preofessor at Valpo, and Stacy Miller, Assistant Privist for Inclusion. I’m impressed that a university would be so forward-thinking as to have such a position. 

John and I met at the new Harre Student Union.  

Monday, April 4, 2016


After our visit I took a walk through the Chapel of the Resurrection.  It’s interesting that they have replaced the pews with chairs. 


The Helge Center has just been completed. 


Guild and Memorial


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Anticipating Morning Prayer, shots my Mark Mummert and Kevin Strickland. 



 Don Salier plenary keynote. Yale. Emory theologian in residence. UMC. Musician. Prof of theology and liturgy. Jazz. 

Laudato Si, Papa Francesco. 

3 points of departure, three things to hang things on

1. Restraint and exuberance both needed. Awareness of the sacramentality of others. Respect for diversity of sensibility. 

2. How we embody cross and resurrection. Go beyond text. The unspoken life of Christ in our midst. What gives you joy? Grief? What injustices make your heart ache? Full vigorous life that takes in the beauty and terror of life. 

3. Eschatological imagination. 


Walt Wangerin teaching. We preachers are “shapers.” Beowulf. We gather the hopes and dreams, joys and sorrows, and sing them into one song. And the people believe it, because the leader loves them. 

  Pastor John Morris of Prince of Peace in Dublin, Ohio coordinated much of the worship.   

Pastor Rafael Malpica-Padilla, ELCA Director for Gloabl Mission presenting.