More photos to come.

We in the ELCA have created a network of global partnerships. Every synod has one or more companion synods. One of our companion synods is the Lutheran Church of Peru. We have been so blessed by our friends in Peru.

Our group came in June, from congregations in Columbus, Houston, Katy, Conroe and LaGrange. First we visited with church leaders form the Lutheran Church of Peru. Lima is a city with 12 million people in the metro area, twice the size of Houston.

Friday we had orientation and Bible study with leaders of the Peruvian church. We learned about the history of the church in Peru and planned for the festival the next day. As always, our friends showed great hospitality.

Saturday we held the festival for children and youth at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Breña, a suburb of Lima, Peru.

In the phot below, next to me is Scoly Palencia, who will be joining us for the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston soon. Patricia and David Ehler of St. Paul LaGrange, Texas lead a group in an activity, below.

Wendy and Kevin Page led games, relays and obstacle courses.

Duane and Joen Larson lovingly applied (temporary) Luther rose tatoos, which were very popular. The kids we’re excited to show off their tattoos.

Paul Schmidt and I led parachute games and gave out red clown noses donated by Yuliana Rinehart.

the group gathered for songs, Scripture, a message by Presidente Bullón and prayer. Jorge began with an interaction song.

It was a great honor to see my old friend David Turibio. The second photo is the first time we met, nearly two decades ago, in 1999.

Sunday morning – Cristo Salvador, San Juan de Miraflores, Lima

Our translators, Dina Anton and her sister Shoni Regina.

Sunday afternoon – Emanuél, Collique, Lima

Pastora Ute Ihrke-Buchroth

Sunday afternoon – El Buen Pastor, Lima

Wendy and Kevin Page, Duane Larson and Regina Anton visited Misión El Buen Pastor. Here’s what Duane has to say:

“Worship this evening was at a mission church in an area of deep poverty, El Buen Pastor, one of three congregations served by Pedro Bullón, the Lutheran Church in Peru President. Worship included interactive sermon (like a base community), confirmation of 5 adults, and my presiding en Español with a preface I’d not seen until 5 seconds before its time. Much going with the flow, and the Spirit was powerful in that place, with lots of children. Pics include sample of the community water source and flat area that is children’s only play space.”

Sunday evening – Emaús, Carabayillo, Lima

Street preacher. Pastor Andrés Palencia set up for worship in the neighborhood. All are welcome. Lots of youth sang like crazy. The oldest is Ernesto at 81 years old. We laid hands on Scoly Palencia, to send her to the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston. David and Patricia Ehler, Paul Schmidt, Dina Anton and I attended.

Monday – Lima

In the morning we met with Peruvian leaders to discuss the past and the future of our partnership. Then a visit tot he Catacombs and the Cathedral in Lima.