Immanuel was founded in 1871. They are being served by Pastor Ken Weiss, since March 2018.

This is Oscar, at Immanuel. It’s his 94th birthday his weekend. A lifelong member of this community, Oscar told me he feels his age. “Two years ago I was vaccinating a calf and I got knocked down by a cow. Haven’t felt the same since.” Impressive. No one in my family has made it to 90. I can’t imagine vaccinating a cow now, much less at 92. One of nine children, all the boys are veterans. He said 24 from Immanuel served in WWII, and all came back, though all were also affected by it. I appreciate listening to the stories, history and impressions of those who have seen so much. Here’s to Oscar.

Below are some of the congregation’s Confirmation photos, to give a window of history.