Jerusalem: What Makes for Peace?

U.S. Christian Leadership Summit

October 11, 2018

University of Houston

Faith-based leaders gathered to weep over Jerusalem, as Jesus wept. Jerusalem is the city that made Jesus cry, because they didn’t know the way to peace. (Luke 19:42) we pray for and work for the peace of Jerusalem. (Psalm 122:6)

People of faith earnestly desire the safety, security and well-bring of all people in the Holy Land, Jews and Palestinians.

We grieve that the Christian population (predominantly Palestinian), has declined to 2%.

This day was a time to have reflection and open dialog on the way to a just peace in the Holy Land.

We acknowledge our spiritual kinship with the Abrahamic Faiths: Islam, Judaism and Christianity. With all churches in the Holy Land, we continue to pray for and advocate for Jerusalem as an open and shared city of two people and three faiths. We believe peace and security for some is dependent on peace and security for all.

We reject exclusivist theologies, and those who exploit the conflict and religion for their own motives and racist ideologies.

Below are some faces and photos from the day.

Jim Wallis was one of the panelists.


8:30-9:30A REGISTRATION: Hilton Ballroom, University of Houston

9:30A WELCOME: Fr. Don Nesti and Bishop Dr. Michael Rinehart, with Beth Nelson Chase and Jim Hooker of Bright Stars of Bethlehem

10-11:15A PANEL 1-  The Realities of Jerusalem Today

Including Dr. Majed Bamya, Tarek Abuata, Usama Qawasmeh. Moderated by John Lindner

— 11:15A Break —

11:30-12:45P PANEL 2- Jerusalem: Towards an inclusive Religious Discourse: Jewish, Muslim and Christian perspectives

Including Dr. Santiago Slabodsky, Fr. Elias Mallon, Dr. Amir Hussain. Moderated by Dr. David Grafton

— 12:45-2P LUNCH —

2-3:15P PANEL 3- Towards a balanced US policy on Jerusalem: What is possible under the Trump Administration?

Including Jim Wallis, Dr. James Zogby, Rev. Dr. James Forbes, and Dr. Bob Roberts

3:15-4:30P PANEL 4- Jerusalem: The Demand for Urgent Action

Featuring, Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, Jim Winkler, Rev. Dr. Mae Cannon, and  Dr. Iva Caruthers

It is always a pleasure to see Diane White.

Rafael Malpica, Director of Global Mission and Dennis Frado were with us from Churchwide. Father Nesti was with us and brought greetings. Many other friends attended.