200 ELCA pastors, deacons and other church leaders from Texas, Louisiana and beyond, met at First Lutheran Church in Galveston January 28-30 for the Tri-Theological Conference. Our speakers were Reesheda Grahan-Washington and Shawn Casselberry, who spoke on their book Soul Force: Seven Pivots Toward Courage, Community and Change.

Rozella coordinated with the help of her good friend Deacon Beth Hartfiel. Gretchen Lundquist, Gulf Coast Synod Office Manager, handled the administrative responsibilities with the help of Synod Staff member Aimee Elles.

#tritheo19 “you’re invited to turn your judgement into curiosity” – @rozellahw

Opening devotions with Pastor Ele Clay:

#tritheo19 “Baptism is a ritual of two very distinct points of change – death and resurrection” – Pr.Ele Clay

#tritheo19 “There’s a correlation between our privilege and resources and our inability to name our fears and challenges” -@ReeshedaW

#tritheo19 What defines us in the body of Christ is not our rightness or our leftness, it is our belovedness.


The Southwestern Texas Synod Folks:

Who believes enough in you to tell you the truth about yourself? – @ReeshedaW #tritheo19

The LSPS Alumni Dinner at Salsa’s:

Pastor Brian Gigee singing his songs at The Old Quarter for the Trinity Alum gathering:

#tritheo19 “The more comfortable we are, the harder it is to be innovative and creative.” – @reeshedaw

#tritheo19 “Mary’s song comes out the way it does bc she had probably always been told what couldn’t do or be, but God unleashes her voice.” —Tracey Breashears Schultz’ sermon at closing worship