setting up…Trees!Campus MinistryFirst Call Accompaniment met with Bishop’s Associate Tracey Breashears Schultz prior to assembly.

Bishops Sue Briner (Southwestern Texas Synod) and Erik Gronberg (North Texas North Louisiana Synod) brought greetings.

Peggy Hahn did a super job with four keynote presentations. The Rev. Dr. Wyvetta Bullock preached and led the election.

I am grateful the synod has given me a third term.

The band from Joyful Life in Magnolia with Cynae helping out on piano and vocals, did a super job.

Baby Tink. One of our youngest participants. Pastor Tracey was installed and blessed.Friday night hang out in the lobby.

Pastor Wyvetta Bullock.

While at assembly we learned that Pastor Robert Sorenson passed away. Rest In Peace brother.

We voted to become an AMMPARO Synod and memorialized the Churchwide Assembly to sign the Earth Charter.

Also during assembly we prayed for our companion synod, the Lutheran Church of Peru. They elected Pastora Adita Torres as President at their assembly, being held at the same time. Pastora Adita was at our Assembly in 2013:

Thanks to Pastor Marvin Havard and Jolene Wickel for playing hymns for us, and for Clayton Faulkner for helping out when Marvin fell ill.

Closing devotions by Kari Niedermeier gave s a lot to think about: new creation as labor and birthing. Leader as midwife.

Our shortened (2-day) assembly ended an hour early, at 2:00 pm. Staff and volunteers packed up in under an hour, and hauled everything back to the synod office, grateful for an engaging assembly.