Lutheran Disaster Response periodically gathers those working with disasters: Lutheran Social Services leaders, ELCA Staff, synod leaders and so on. 30 synods represented. 90 participants in New Orleans October 14-17, 2019.

Bishop Deborah Hutterer (Grand Canyon Synod) and David Brauer Rieke (former bishop of Oregon) in front of the London Street levee breach of August 29, 2005.

Sharei Green (LDR Program Communicator) and Jessica Vermilyea (Lutheran Social Services Disaster Response)

Pastor William Flippin (SE Pennsylvania Synod)

Pastor Merle Malone (Frederick Lutheran Church, the Virgin Islands, the oldest Lutheran Church in the Americas, est 1666)

Bishop Shelley Wickstrom (Alaska Synod)

A beautiful morning on the Mississippi.

And look who happened to be in town, to speak at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Pastor Lenny Duncan, author of Dear Church.