Reformation Day, October 27, 2019

St. James was founded by immigrants from Wehdem, Germany, in the mid-1800’s.

Ray Tiemann, former Bishop of the Southwestern Texas Synod (left) and Pastor Evan Cameron (right).

With 284 in worship today, overflowing into the fellowship hall, it was nice that they shuttled people from the parking lot to the church. I love in our country churches don’t have cement parking lots. The earth breathes. The ground absorbs the rain and floodwaters.

St. James’ four organists.

Who served Nathan’s Barbecue, but Nathan himself!

Pastor Evan with Pastor Lawrence Bade

Pastor Evan with former St. James Pastors Willard Rother (left, 1961-1970) and Pastor Laird Engle (right, 1971-1975)