It was a crisp and sunny 39° morning when I woke up, but by the time the parade was over it was 56°. 50 folks from Christ the King Houston, Faith Bellaire and Covenant Houston gathered to celebrate Martin Luther King’s contribution to civil rights in this country. 

Although President Reagan signed Martin Luther King Day into law in 1983, Houston celebrated its first MLK Day Parade in 1978, 42 years ago. That year, MLKms father addressed the Houston community and commissioned the event. This year Houston native George Foreman was the Grand Marshall.

The last two years we marched in the parade held in Midtown. That parade is 26 years old. This year we marched in the “original” MLK parade downtown, 42 years old. Whichever parade, we celebrate King standing up, Rosa Parks sitting down, and end to segregation and whites-only drinking fountains, bathrooms and lunch counters. The spirit from parade participants and spectators was joyful and loving.