As of today, May 26, 2020, confirmed coronavirus deaths stand at about 1,500 in Texas. Some believe those numbers are inflated, while others believe they are severely under-reported, failing to account for those who died with no coronavirus test.

Some people are passionately believe the numbers are higher or lower based on ideological and political reasons, rather than facts. At the end of the year, all of the deaths in Texas will be tallied and compared with previous years. That should give us a pretty good picture of the truth. In 2017, 198,106 people died in Texas (and 382,050 were born). I wonder what 2020 will hold.

Coronavirus deaths will have to reach over 4,000 to make the list of the top 10 causes of death in Texas. State officials predict a maximum of 2,400 coronavirus deaths in Texas for 2020. It sounds optimistically low. That estimate was made under the assumption that stay-at-home orders would remain in place.

The infection rate per capita is fairly low in Texas. It’s hard to know if we will reach 4,000. Time will tell. A lot will depend on whether we have a fall resurgence. Let’s prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

2014 Top Causes of Death in Texas

  1. Heart Disease – 41,293 deaths
  2. Cancer – 38,727 deaths
  3. Stroke – 9,852 deaths
  4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases (COPD) – 9,642 deaths.
  5. Accidents – 9,598 deaths.
  1. Alzheimer’s disease – 6,755 deaths
  2. Diabetes mellitus – 5,327 deaths
  3. Septicemia – 4,102 deaths
  4. Nephritis and related diseases – 3,997 deaths
  5. Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis – 3,663 deaths

2017 Top Causes of Death in Texas

Meanwhile, the daily counts right now show COVID-19 as the number one cause across the US: