Today was a remarkable and emotional day in Houston. At 1:00 George Floyd’s body arrived in Houston. By 1:30, around 100 Houston-area clergy of every race and creed (including around a dozen Gulf Coast Synod pastors) gathered to pray prior to the march. At 2:30 we walked over to Discovery Green together.

Thousands gathered at Discovery Green. George Floyd’s family spoke, encouraging a peaceful and respectful march to honor George Floyd.

Organizers asked us all to watch out for instigators, and point them out if we saw them. “We are here to honor George Floyd. Let’s not dishonor his name. Let’s do this right.” Then a pastor led the group in prayer, and the crowd began the march to City Hall.

The presence of clergy throughout the crowd has an important effect. Faith communities bring a sacred focus to an event like this. The presence of the Mayor and Chief of Police is important too. They grieved along with the community, rather than being against the community.

Houston rapper Trae The Truth, served as emcee at Discovery Green:

At City Hall the Mayor spoke, along with Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee and Rep. Green.

The march went without any major incidents. I saw no vandalism or violence. Houston has no curfew. The police do not use rubber bullets. I commend the city for handling things so well.