A bazillion volunteers, including a couple dozen from our Lutheran congregations showed up on a hot summer day to distribute food, among other things.

This is the Houston I love, that pulls together as a community when there is need.

The Houston Food Bank, the largest food bank in the US, provided mountains of produce.

Volunteers donated and distributed children’s books. The first photo below are the Euschers, on the right. The second flooring feature the Stephanies (Stark and Gossett).

Food got distributed and people got fed. Voters got registered. People filled out the census. Families received donated children’s books. The remainder of the books are going to be distributed at a local school’s book fair.

Like the feeding of the 5,000, there were leftovers. Police offered to take food around the neighborhood. The Houston Food Bank agreed to pick up the rest.

Below are Houston Councilwoman Carolyn Evans-Shabazz and Human Trafficking Director Kathryn Griffin. Katherine has done this work for 19 years. She knows the work because she was once a victim. She’s the first felon in Houston to wear a badge. Powerful story. Someday, when we can gather again, she would be a super speaker to invite to help people understand modern-day slavery.

Congresswoman Shiela Jackson Lee welcomed and thanked the crowd.

Thank you to all who pitched in. Let’s see, we had folks from Christ the King Houston, Kindred in Montrose, Living Word in Katy, Tree of Life in Conroe, Zion in Houston, Augustana in Houston, Kinsmen in Houston, St. Martin’s in Sugar Land, and where else?