If one member suffers, all suffer together with it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:26a

I invite you to join generous donors from all over the country who have already taken action to alleviate the suffering of God’s people throughout the Gulf Coast Synod, and specifically at Iglesia Luterana  Principe de Paz. 

Even before the unprecedented low temperatures of the past weeks, Pastora Adriana Johnson Rivas and the folks at Principe de Paz experienced a hard year. Five COVID-related deaths in the parish stand as testament to the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on the Latino community. Many lost work and experienced food insecurity. Pastora Adriana experienced a personal tragedy when her sister died, as she was taking her to the hospital. While her illness was not COVID, the crowded hospitals served as the reason she had been discharged days earlier.

Then came the cold, and things went from bad to worse.

When the water started pouring into their building, they turned off the water. After hunting through the ceiling they found and repaired the leak, but the damage had been done. Then they found another leak. Then another leak. Water everywhere.  

A church building in dire need of renovation. Homes flooded. Food spoiled.

Retos y metasChallenges and goals. God’s love at work! 

Principe de Paz continues to serve as a community of spiritual healing and hope.  Financial support will allow them to renovate their building and flood their neighborhood with the love of God through food and housing support. Together we make it possible.

Support for this $100,000 effort grows! We have already received gifts from Arizona, Arkansas, California, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, and right here in Texas.

The North/West Lower Michigan Synod will provide $5,000 when 400 donors give gifts of any size. We’re just one day into the appeal. It’s just the beginning! We’re on our way!

Gifts to the Gulf Coast Synod’s Emergency Winter Storm Appeal will make a huge difference for those who have lost their livelihood in southeast Houston. Help us meet the challenges and goals before us. Thank you for your generosity.

Please prayerfully consider the giving chart and DONATE right now. A generous donation will help us make a difference in a difficult situation. THANK YOU!

Throughout this week I will share stories of pain, loss, and hope from the Gulf Coast Synod. God walks with us. Thank you for joining us on this journey.