If one member suffers, all suffer together with it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:26a

I invite you to join donors from around the twelve states who have already taken action to alleviate the suffering of God’s people throughout the Gulf Coast Synod, and specifically in the community surrounding Kinsmen Lutheran Church in Houston.

As with so many buildings in our area, Kinsmen’s building flooded with water from a burst pipe. The extensive damage led to repair, mucking and gutting.

It blew me away that the congregation immediately turned outward to serve their community. People suffered and they acted with God’s love, hosting a community-wide food distribution in partnership with the Houston Food Bank. 1,700 individuals received desperately needed food. In conversation with Pastors Beth Warpmaeker and Mark England, I learned that the congregation is committed to continuing this work twice a month for the foreseeable future, as food insecurity, fueled by the pandemic and now the winter storm rises. Additionally, they are hosting a community meal, free and open to all, every Wednesday. They generally get around 130 but have had as many as 200.  

Your gifts can partner with Kinsmen’s generous response to make an even greater impact on their community. People have food because people of faith share God’s love. It’s beautiful to watch.

Kinsmen lives out their faith, launching a Latinx ministry in the middle of this pandemic. Hog tied by necessary physical distancing and online worship, the ministry grows under the leadership of Pastor Gabriel Marcaño. Please say a prayer for this important new ministry in the Gulf Coast Synod.  

Support for this $100,000 effort grows! The North/West Lower Michigan Synod will provide $5,000 when 400 donors give gifts of any size. Your gift can join the 28 donors who have already given nearly $10,000. That’s after just two days! Tomorrow we will announce a lead gift which will move us boldly towards our goal.

Gifts to the Gulf Coast Synod’s Emergency Winter Freeze Appeal will make a huge difference for those who have lost their livelihood. Help us meet the challenges and goals before us. Thank you for your generosity. 

Please prayerfully consider the giving chart and DONATE right now and make a generous donation to help us make a difference in a difficult situation. THANK YOU!

Throughout this week I will continue to share stories of pain, loss, and hope from the Gulf Coast Synod. God walks with us. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Kinsmen: Food Truck distribution set up
Kinsmen: video of water coming into the rooms of the church