If one member suffers, all suffer together with it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:26a

I’m excited to announce that a generous family committed a $10,000 lead gift to the Gulf Coast Synod’s Emergency Winter Freeze Appeal! You can join their generosity with a gift that will alleviate the suffering of God’s people throughout the Gulf Coast Synod, including at Santiago Apóstol / St. James Lutheran Church in Houston.

The needs of their neighborhood exploded following the winter storm, exacerbating the dire situation brought about by COVID-19. For the past year they daily received dozens of requests for assurance: food, rent and utilities. “They can’t imagine the need,” says Congregation member and Synod Vice President Robert Rivera.

Gifts from the Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Fund and ELCA COVID Fund have helped many people, but Santiago Apostol’s fund is empty. The human toll in north Houston has become critical. The fund is empty.

Santiago Apóstol / St. James Lutheran Church have a long history of serving their community. With Community Wellness events, immigration forums, citizenship classes, food distributions and more, they have been serving the neighborhood in critical ways.

For example, Mrs. N and her 3 children participated in some activities and in summer camps each year as campers and volunteers. She came to Santiago Apostal came to requesting help because they have been victims of domestic abuse. The congregation walked with them with love and support in their time of great need.

On top of that, Santiago Apóstol/St. James has had a few pipe cracks and leaks in their building, but thankfully, no major flooding at this point. Every time they think they have it fixed, another pops up. Amid a shortage of plumbers in the Houston area, a plumber in a citizenship class they have been sponsoring at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Houston stepped forward with assistance. What goes around comes around!

Your gift will allow them to continue to care for their neighbors and their building. You can be like Aaron holding up the arms of Moses. 

Support for this $100,000 effort grows! The North/West Lower Michigan Synod will provide $5,000 when 400 donors give gifts of any size. Your gift can join the 38 donors who have already given $21,655.54. When we achieve the challenge gift, we’ll be a quarter of the way to the goal after just a few days.

 Gifts to the Gulf Coast Synod’s Emergency Winter Freeze Appeal will meet real human needs right now. Thank you for your generosity.  

Please prayerfully consider the giving chart and DONATE right now and make a generous donation to help us make a difference in a difficult situation. THANK YOU!

Throughout this week I will continue to share stories of pain, loss, and hope from the Gulf Coast Synod. God walks with us. Thank you for joining us on this journey.