If one member suffers, all suffer together with it. ~ 1 Corinthians 12:26a

You can join the generosity of people from all around the country (14 states represented!) with a gift that will alleviate the suffering of God’s people throughout the Gulf Coast Synod, people like Pastor Pete Lopez.

On Monday, February 15 Pastor Pete and his wife, Elida, sought refuge from the cold at House of Prayer in Clear Lake City, where Elida works, as their home had no power. After warming up and recharging devices they returned home, only to find a burst pipe. The ceiling was on the floor. Furniture was drenched, ceiling tile crashed down, and floor tiles began separating from the floor. 

The house had witnessed family meals, movie nights, tears and laughter, now a mess.  They scrambled for a place to stay, landing at the parsonage at St. Peter’s in Bay City, then with friends in West Columbia and finally at the local La Quinta.

Pastor Pete and Elida had the resources to find a place to stay and repair their home. Many within the area of the Gulf Coast Synod do not. They continue to live in uncertainty with destroyed homes and prohibitive deductibles. People grow desperate. Your gift can bring relief, and hope.

Pastor Pete’s story continues. When they arrived at the church Pete serves, St. John Lutheran, they found even more water. Nine copper pipes burst, showering different areas of St. John. 

So much destruction from an unexpected storm. Together we can rebuild lives and buildings! As empty as they feel about losing their home, Pastor Pete, Elida, and St. John have found their cup overflowing because people like you, both near and far, have offered help and loving words of comfort.

Support for this $100,000 effort grows! The North/West Lower Michigan Synod will provide $5,000 when 400 donors give gifts of any size. Your gift can join the 44 donors who have already given $23,020. That’s a great start. In the coming weeks we will greatly expand the number of people invited to give as we partner with congregations throughout the Gulf Coast Synod.

 Gifts to the Gulf Coast Synod’s Emergency Winter Freeze Appeal will meet real human needs right now. Thank you for your generosity.  

Please prayerfully consider the giving chart and DONATE right now and make a generous donation to help us make a difference in a difficult situation. THANK YOU!

Throughout this week I will continue to share stories of pain, loss, and hope from the Gulf Coast Synod. God walks with us. Thank you for joining us on this journey.