What a great Holy Trinity Sunday, May 30, 2021 at Emmanuel Greenvine, where Deacon Cindy Robles (Rocky Mountain Synod, studying at Wartburg Seminary) is finishing up her internship. There was a lot of laughter and playfulness at this growing rural congregation. Attendance is higher now than it was before the pandemic. Members expressed to me their appreciation for the presence and support of Pastor Tracey Breshears Schultz and Pastor Chris Markert.

Cindy’s husband Ruben sings with the band, “The Hilltop Ramblers.“ today we had a liturgy for the ending of an internship, although Deacon Cindy will stay on for a while under contract, while the congregation decides whether to take another intern or call a pastor. Afterwords there was a barbecue and potluck with way too much food, bluebell ice cream and enough desserts to feed an army. When I left they were having fun launching balloons.