Just a few shots I snagged from Facebook…

Deacon Cindy Robles (Emmanuel Greenvine) will be ordained next month.
Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Greenvine (Burton), Texas.
First Lutheran in Galveston, Texas.
Faith Lutheran in Bellaire (Houston), Texas. Pastor Junfeng Tan.
Pastors (L-R) Mark England, Beth Warpmaker, and Gabriel Marcano, Kinsmen Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas.

The folks at Iglesia Luterana Principe de Paz in Houston and other Latinx congregations celebrate Christmas with a novena, night nights of posadas held at different homes, in which Mary and Joseph seeking shelter is re-enacted and sung, followed by a celebration with feasting. Here is a video of one: https://www.facebook.com/100003788209735/posts/2386524298150487/?d=n

Iglesia Luterana Principe de Paz, Houston, Texas
Mary and Joseph knocking on the door. Is there room in the inn? Sagrada Familia/Kinsmen, Houston, TX.
Tree of Life, Conroe, Texas
This picture and the one below are from Christmas Eve worship at one of our companion synod congregations, Igelsia Luterana San Juan Camino de Esperanza in Lima, Perú, with their newly installed Pastora Ana María Jara.