I am here at the NTNL Synod Assembly, April 29-30, 2022 at King of Glory Lutheran Church in Dallas for their bishop election. In the ELCA bishops have six year terms. Erik Gronberg has served one term. Available for a second term, Erik was elected to a second term on the first ballot with 90% of the vote.

It’s fun to see so many friendly faces. Victoria Flood is the ELCA Churchwide Representative. She is doing a fantastic job leading the election process.

Pastors Rachel Ringlaben, Jeremy Ullrich, Heath Abel, Jesus Escamilla, Robert Smith, Russel Vardell, Kris Totzke, Don Haven, and so many others are here. Terri Endres is here for Portico. This makes me miss the Tri-Synodical Theological Conference when we were all together.

My old friend Deacon John Dellis is here on behalf of the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest:

Deacon John Dellis
Bishop Gronberg kicked off the assembly.

A fun way to enjoy an assembly in Dallas is to sit with Pastor Jesus Escamilla while he serves as interpreter. It amazes me how he can translate one sentence into Spanish at the same time as listening to the next sentence in Spanish:

Una forma divertida de disfrutar una asamblea en Dallas es sentarse con el Pastor Jesús Escamilla mientras él sirve como intérprete. Me sorprende cómo puede traducir una frase al español al mismo tiempo que escucha la siguiente frase en español:

At times he sounded like he was announcing a soccer game!

Here is the agenda:

Victoria Flood leading the bishop election

The results of the first ballot for bishop are in at the Northern Texas – Northern Louisiana Synod Assemble. Victoria Flood is doing a great job overseeing the election.

186 ballots were cast. 172 were legal. 129 votes were needed to elect on the first ballot.

Bishop Erik Gronberg received 154 votes. We have an election.

Bishop Gronberg thanking the assembly.

They are pretty serious about their coffee here in NTNL…

I enjoyed hanging out in the cry room with interpreter Pastor Jesús Escamilla, Veronica, Alejandro’s y otro/as amigo/as. Lots of laughter.
Bishop Erik and I with Deacon Terri Endres, who works with Portico.
At closing worship, Victoria Flood lead Bishop Gronberg in a reaffirmation of his vows as Bishop.
I was honored to be asked to play closing worship and accompany the Latino choir.
It was fun to see Pastora Rachel Ringlaben
Thank you Pastora Ringlaben for this flattering photo.
Pastor Austen Nickel with Bishop Gronberg