On Memorial Day, the last Monday in May in the U.S., we remember those who lost their lives in war. It is a day to pray for an end to all war.

Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, a day to remember the fallen if the a Civil War, which claimed more lives than any other war in U.S. history. It was a day to decorate graves with flowers and prayers.

As time went by, Decoration Day became a day to remember those who died in all wars, especially military personnel. In 1971 Memorial Day became a national holiday and was established as the last Monday in May. It is celebrated with parades, prayers, and decorating of graves. Memorial day ushers in the summer.

Good and gracious God, grant peace among the nations, and an end to our endless wars, that we need not send our young men and women into combat where they are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice or commit life-crushing violence. We commend all who are suffering from PTSD, especially those who are contemplating suicide. We remember all who have suffered and died in our wars, giving thanks for their sacrifice. Keep us vigilant and courageous in time of conflict, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.