On Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23, 2022. I had the privilege of being with the good people at Martin Luther Carmine and Waldeck Lutheran in Ledbetter. At the 6 PM Saturday service I appreciated participating in Carter’s confirmation at Martin Luther.

Martin Luther and Waldeck are a two-point parish served by Pastor David Tinker. They also have a strong relationship with Bethlehem in Round Top and St. Paul in Shelby, served by Pastor John David Nedbalek. They have not formed a formal shared ministry yet, but have been doing things together as a network of small town congregations. Next Sunday all four congregations will worship together in the Carby Chapel at Lutherhill.

Saturday 6 PM at Martin Luther

Carter at his confirmation. Carter is the big one. 🙂
During the prelude as the congregation begins to arrive.

Saturday night I stayed at Lutherhill, then rose early to preach at Waldeck.

Sunday 8 am at Waldeck

Meet Audrey and Luke, our communion assistance for the morning at Waldeck. Luke is the county commissioner here in Fayette county, and former congregational president.
And what a delight to see friends, Jim and Vonda Drees, who popped by.

Saturday 10 AM back at Martin Luther

Acolyte Joshua Aranzolo, his family, and Pastor David Tinker. This acolyte took his job seriously. To the letter.