Candlemas, February 2, 2023

We had interfaith conversations today at First Galveston. Among them a good number of Lutherans: Carlos Peña, Richard Rhoades, Sergio Rodriguez, Rachel McWhirter, Duane Larson, Chon Pugh, Anthony Griffazi, Natalie Allen, and others from First.

Here is a link to my comments:

Pastor Richard Rhoades greets the 60 in-person and 24 online participants.
Father Thomas Colyando (Serbian Orthodox) delivered the keynote.

My remarks are founded in the 2019 ELCA Declaration of Inter-Religious Commitment.

Additional documents referenced:

1994 ELCA Declaration to the Jewish Community

2022 ELCA Preaching and Teaching “With Love and Respect for the Jewish People.”

2022 ELCA Declaration to the Muslim Community

2016 ELCA Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery

2020 ELCA Guidelines for Ministry in a Multi-Religious World

ELCA website on Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Matters

Rabbi Peter Kessler addressing the group
Pastor Duane Larson presenting