This is a work in progress. Just getting started. Many more photos to come.

May 19-20, 2023

Lord of Life Lutheran Church, The Woodlands, Texas

Where it all began: A gathering of Lord of Life staff and synod staff.


Jonathan Zietelman has been doing tech at our assembly ten years.
Synod Council, Staff, and Deans’ meeting the night before. Synod Council, Staff, and Dean’s meeting the night before.

Opening Worship

Arrivals from remote parking spots
Pastor Will Starkweather
Vicar Jahder Abad
Michelle Mote
Ah, the singing…

Faces and Friends

Assembly feels, at times, like a family reunion.

Morgan and Taylor
Andrew and Tim
Austen and Erin
Deidre and Calea
Wartburgers (with cheese) – From left: Arthur Murphy (honorary Wartburger), Clayton Faulkner, Mark Groves, Cindy Robles, Tracey Breashears Schultz, Marvin Havard, Violeta Siguenza, Aimee Elles, Sergio Rodriguez, Adriana Johnson-Rivas, Ben Remmert, Andrew Thompson, Kathy Patrick.

Mission, Ministry, and Business

La Mesa Latina
Evangeline Dai presenting on disaster prep and response.
Reesheda Graham Washington and Jamion Berry
Honoring Kathy Patrick, Synod Attorney for 15 years.
When Dan Fenn was out, I got tapped to play.
Synod Vice President Robert Rivera


Richard Rhoades, Lutherhill Board Chair
Matt Kindsvatter, Lutherhill
Pastor Jen Kindsvatter, Lutherhill
When Dan returned we did an impromptu duet.
Nick Kiger, our Churchwide Representative
I’m not certain what is happening here. Some kind or choreographed liturgical dance?
Pastor Cindy Robles, Emmanuel of Greenvine, Burton, Texas

Former Assembly Locations

2023 – Lord of Life, The Woodlands, TX

2022 – First, Galveston, TX

2021 – Online Assembly – Broadcast from Tree of Life, Conroe, TX

2020 – Scheduled for New Orleans, LA, but cancelled due to the pandemic

2019 – Kinsmen, Houston, TX, Bishop Mike Rinehart re-elected

2018 – Hilton Greenspoint, Houston, TX

2017 – Hilton Greenspoint, Houston, TX

2016 – Hilton Greenspoint, Houston, TX

2015 – Hilton Greenspoint, Houston, TX

2014 – Crown Plaza Hotel, Baton Rouge, LA

2013 – Camp Allen, Navasota, TX, Bishop Mike Rinehart re-elected

2012 – Lakewood Methodist Church, Houston, TX

2011 – Galveston, TX

2010 – The Sheraton, New Orleans, LA

2009 – The Sugar Land Marriott Town Square, Sugar Land, TX

2008 – The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, The Woodlands, TX

2007 – The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, The Woodlands, TX, Bishop Mike Rinehart Elected

2006 – Sugar Land, TX

2005 – The Woodlands, TX

2004 – Sheraton, New Orleans, LA (June)

2003 – Hotel Sofitel, Houston, TX (June)

2002 – Del Lago Conference Center, Montgomery, TX (June)

2001 – Riverfront Hilton Hotel, New Orleans, LA (June, Paul Blom reelected)

2000 – Galveston, TX

1999 – Hotel Sofitel, Houston, TX (June)

1998 – Marriott, New Orleans, LA (June)

1997 – Texas Lutheran University, Seguin, TX

1996 – Hotel Sofitel, Houston, TX (June)

1995 – Hilton, College Station, TX (June, Paul Blom reelected)

1994 – New Orleans, LA

1993 – Del Lago, Lake Conroe, TX

1992 – Faith, Bellaire, TX (June)

1991 – Blinn College, Brenham, TX (June 27-29, Paul Blom elected)

1990 – Galveston, TX (October)

1989 – New Orleans, LA (Sept-Oct)

1988 – Sheraton Crown Hotel, Houston, TX (October)

· Prior to the pandemic, every 3-6 years in LA.

· Average every 4 years. 2020 scheduled for New Orleans but cancelled due to pandemic.

· Planned to in 2023 but cost prohibitive (hotel wanted $100,000 food minimum, separate charge for meeting space, etc.).