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Is Pope Francis Latin@? Pope Francis is a remarkable Pope for our time. He’s also the first pope from The Americas, Latin America, and the southern hemisphere. “But is he Catholic?” a Roman Catholic Archbishop joked with me. A more serious question has... Continue Reading →

Rest In Peace Pastor Bob Graetz (1928-2020)

Pastor Bob Gratez and his wife Jeannie were courageous leaders. He was the only white minister in Montgomery to support the bus boycott. Their house was bombed. Rosa Parks came over to help them clear the rubble. They lived through... Continue Reading →

Bubble Church

How would you like a way to leverage the difficulties of this pandemic into something that could make a significant boost in discipleship and relationships in your congregation?  Last month I wrote about the various technologies people are using to get... Continue Reading →

Social Bubbles and the Church

Social Bubbles Bishop Michael Rinehart There are literally hundreds of articles on social bubbles out there right now. Check out Google.  The NBA has successfully employed them, as has Tyler Perry with his production crew.  There has been a lot... Continue Reading →

CAR Sunday: Transforming the Colonial Face of Global Mission

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic (L’Église Évangélique Luthérienne de la République Centrafricaine) is one of our two global companion synods, here in the Gulf Coast Synod. (The other is Peru.) Many of our congregations are setting... Continue Reading →

Coronavirus and the Church

Covid-19 is not going to kill you. Its true. Maybe half of us will get infected. Half will not. Of those who do get infected, 97% will recover. But even those who die, will not die because of the virus.... Continue Reading →

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